Thursday, August 02, 2012

Almost a year has past

Almost a year has gone by since the last time I wrote something here. You might be wondering "what has he been up to?" There are many things going on in my life and I many incredible blessings have become part of my life. But, the most important thing I have been working on is My Family. Since last year, my family is one baby boy bigger and he has added tremendous joy to our home.

Baby Mason, in conjunction with my first born Aden, they are primarily responsible for my happiness and my absence from this blog. I have some very exciting projects in the works, so stay tuned. If you have not added me as a friend on Facebook, please do so now ( and please share my page with your friends. Tell me what is new in your life?

Monday, August 08, 2011

We feel starved, but HE provides...

Original Oil on Canvas  30" x 40"  Titled: "Jireh"

Painting Titled: "Jireh" The Provider. I have always misinterpreted the expression starving artists and have held a deep resentment for it. I have always disagreed with the notion that artist, if they chose to make a living as artists, would starve. Well, after careful thinking I must agree, only because all artists, while they might be properly fed, they starve in other senses. As an artist are you ever starved of focus, inspiration, concentration, ideas, tranquility, prudence, industry,etc? We are all starved of one thing or another when we choose to trek through this uncertain trail. But God always provides... Buen provecho, starving artist!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Head & Tail: Cabeza y Cola

My latest painting was a commissioned work for the U.S. Domino Federation, a non-profit organization that promotes the art and sport of Dominoes. Yes, you read it right, the game of Domino is considered by many to be a sport and there is strong clamor to include it as an official game in the Olympics.

I had the distinct privilege of creating a painting that is a tribute to the great achievements of Manuel Oquendo, the President of The U.S. Domino Federation. I decided to call it "Cabeza y Cola" for several reasons. Primarily, one of the strongest moves in the game of Domino is called Capicúa and consists of ending the game with the same number at the beginning and at the end; Hence the name Capi-cua (Head/Tail). In addition, when I was meeting with the officials of the organization, who were orchestrating all this in secret, they spoke of this gentleman with such enthusiasm. They were the proud followers of a man, who was definitely the head of the organization.

The presentation of the painting was televised through Univision, which is one of the leading Hispanic stations in the country. It was an honor to be part of such heartfelt expression of admiration.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Vision for your life and the Courage to Achieve it.

Among the celebrated people that helped shape this nation, George Washington shines and is recognized as the father of our country. Through the thick fog of tyranny, he was able to envision a land of opportunity and liberty. A great example of leadership and brotherhood, as he not only led a nation to fight for its God given rights, but did it in unity with his brothers. As we all share of the liberties and opportunities of this great nation, we should remember that we are not only fellow countrymen, we are Family. Brothers and Sisters united, joined in arms to fight against those who threaten our dream.

As we remember the life of this Great Patriot, we are encouraged to live a life guided by vision and fueled by courage. We should try to live the example presented to us by him and many other patriots, some celebrated and recognized, others with less recognition, but all Patriots at heart; Loving our country and one another.

As you continue your journey through life, remember to embrace your vision and march to conquer it with all the courage you can muster. Because a dream only becomes reality, for those who have the courage to lead a life of action, amidst the chaos and tyranny of the world.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

We fight valiantly to defend our castle...

What comes to mind when you see a castle? For some it may represent power, while for others it may represent tyranny. It can have a romantic and mysterious elegance, while at the same time it can evoke images of torture and bloodshed to some. Although it may seem as an indestructible edifice, history shows that it is rarely the case. While we recognize that our daily endeavors are an effort to place our lives inside of a metaphorical castle of financial stability, or a healthy family life; we should never lose sight of the threats that surround us. While we might feel a sense of security or contempt with our present situation, it is imperative to maintain a vigilant attitude to protect ourselves from any outer invasion.

In this painting, the outer wall of the fortification has been breached and the ever-vigilant warrior has valiantly moved forward to protect what he has worked for so fiercely; His home, his family, his legacy. With the same intensity we shall live our lives and act as brave protectors to keep what we have been blessed with. The protector is a tribute to those who fight everyday for the well-being of their families and a reminder to always preserve that warrior mentality that has brought us to the higher ground we are trusted to defend.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Beautiful Footprint

What does a footprint represent? In the sands of the beach it could represent the temporary evidence of a romantic stroll. On the surface of the moon, they represent that incomparable ambition and curiosity that characterizes our evolution. In a barren desert it could be the elusive sign of some one's treacherous journey. But on a hospital gown, it represent the mark left on the heart of a proud father. Two dark impressions of my baby boy adorn the gown I had to wear over my clothes on that memorable November morning.


Those little feet are the inspiration for this painting, which is a complement to the painting titled "Fruit of Our Love". Many of you have seen that painting in person and wondered why the canvas had a square hole in it. Well, here is the answer, I created a small painting, which symbolises the little boy who came to make our life complete. After seeing those small feet making a mark on my chest that morning, footprints are no longer a small thing I overlook,they are a reminder of how powerful things can be when we stop to admire them.
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

The strength of a castle

I am currently working on a painting that is inspired in both my love of castles and the pride I feel to be the person I am. I am proud, not for my accomplishments or my possessions, but for the blessings I have received while trying to be of blessing to others. I have a beautiful family, health and great memories. The castle in this painting, which is not finished yet, is representative of the strength we employ in protecting our family. One of the greatest things we can do in this life is to become comparable to a great building, which has been carefully crafted upon a solid foundation. A castle is the ultimate symbol of achievement and power; similarly, when we work hard in perfecting the building of our character, we become as symbols that remind others to exceed their own expectations through faith, hard work and perseverance. Just like my painting, I am a work in progress, and hope to serve as inspiration to others and a protector to my family.

Here is a glimpse at the castle in the painting. I will later reveal a complete image once the painting is finished. I hope you enjoy it.